Effective Management & Efficient Operations

Braidwood’s operational services are focused on your needs! We specialize in developing and increasing top line revenue and bottom line profit. We have the skills and the people to provide complete asset management and our innovative and flexible approach provides effective solutions that keep your property operating efficiently. We specialize in:

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Creative & Media Services
  • Hotel & Resort Management
  • Hospitality Training
  • Human Resource Management

Why Braidwood?

  • BHM sales managers are 100% focused on selling our clients’ hotels & resorts – all day & every day! In-house sales managers get distracted – ours don’t!
  • BHM sales managers are NOT sitting in internal meetings, conducting site inspections or entertaining.
  • 5,000+ meeting planners in our database (and growing daily) – opportunity for more meetings, conferences, board meetings, incentive programs & retreats.
  • Meeting planners know and trust Braidwood and look to us for new client locations and creative meeting solutions.
  • Company with a proven track record.
  • Personnel with 40+ years of proven experience in the hotel industry – remember – there is no cost to sales agreement given that the revenue we produce will be considerably higher than the cost of annual fees – cost only becomes a factor when revenue produced is lower than the annual fee – and this never happens!

The Client Advantage

  • Braidwood’s proven ability to reach the decision maker
  • Proven ability to book group & FIT business in the shoulder and winter months as well as summer.
  • Our client hotels and resorts offer consistent quality of product, service levels & commitment to excellence
  • Meeting planners also book corporate IT business, banquets, weddings and other special F&B opportunities – exposure to one gives our clients exposure to the other; creating a “why go anywhere else” selling environment.

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