COVID-19 Hotel Recovery Plan

March 21, 2020 “The hotel industry virtually crashed over the last 10 days. In a period of 48 hours last week, occupancy dropped by 50 per cent across the industry, today we’re sitting at under 10 per cent, which is not enough to sustain business operations, so in the last two days, we’ve seen at least 100 hotel closures.” 

Susie Grynol – CEO of the Hotel Association of Canada

“COVID-19 is devastating all aspects of our industry, but it won’t last forever. The market(s) will recover, tourists will travel again – it is not the end of the world. So, now what? Well for starters, we can help! There is no one plan that fits all, no panacea, no magic bullet that guarantees success, and your needs will be unique necessitating a thoughtful approach. So first we need to talk. Don’t hesitate to call us and we will help set up your business so it can thrive once again.”

Marc Desrochers – Vice President & Business Development

Braidwood Hospitality Management Inc.

Hotel Recovery Plan

Braidwood Hospitality Management provides turn-key hospitality management solutions to revitalize a hotel and its operational departments that will facilitate rapid growth and a successful recovery.

We review all aspects of the hotel operations and in coordination with ownership assume responsibility for certain aspects of the business to develop and execute a hotel recovery plan designed to restore profitability and operational excellence within all departments.

Our expertise allows us to assist any hotel that is in need of recovery/business – from hotels that find themselves in need of a new approach when the energy has gone and associates take a “been-there-done-that” attitude, to hotels that have recently changed ownership and can’t figure out why business isn’t doing that well. Let us help you return to profitability!