Property Management Systems (PMS)

Braidwood has access to proven industry leaders of Property Management Systems (PMS) and assist our clients whenever there is a need to install or upgrade their PMS. We work with these leading providers to arrange for pricing, in person or on-line demonstrations, training, installation and support.

There are many providers of Hotel Property Management Systems (PMS). Some operate from a server located within the hotel while others operate from an external server over the internet. Whereas the second option is attractive in that it reduces the up front cost of purchasing the necessary hardware there are potential issues if and when the Internet goes down.

The hotel PMS not only manages the total guest stay and the front desk function but provides also a seamless interconnectivity with standard “back office” accounting software allowing the hotel to manage the night audit and daily revenue reports to name a few. It also integrates with the hotel’s reservation system providing guests with real time access to inventory and rates, the ability to make, revise and cancel reservations and receive a confirmation of their booking.

The PMS should also have the capability of integrating with the hotel’s food & beverage Point of Sale (POS) systems as well as the hotel’s call accounting system.

Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM)

Braidwood Hospitality Management assists our clients with the installation and training of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and has access to the leading providers of CRM technology.

In today’s competitive marketplace (CRM) software can provide Hotels and other businesses with an added advantage when it comes to acquiring customer satisfaction as well as helping to create, maintain, and retain satisfied and profitable customer relations. The installation of CRM solutions allow businesses to compete better by providing advanced customer service care and the ability to track aspects of sales, identify factors important to your clients, handle customer complaints, and improve your analysis of customer information thus developing proactive customer friendly tactics.

CRM software can also help your company continuously “learn? what your customers really need. This process allows for greater customer satisfaction with less human intervention. Customer service software will usually include a combination of marketing, sales, and customer service functions. These combined systems help enhance customer service by allowing companies to maintain and retain customer loyalty. Some CRM solutions can be accessed from the corporate office, remotely, through the web, or through mobile devices.

CRM solutions offer benefits such as hotel sales department automation, sales forecasting, marketing automation, email marketing solutions, account management, lead management, report generation and workflow automation to name a few.