The Sales Plan

Simply put, you need one! Braidwood Hospitality Management helps our clients understand what’s important. Knowing to whom they are going to sell their services, in what feeder markets with what message using what medium, at what rate, when, where and how are important steps in the process and are never easy. We provide the experience and can execute the hotel business plan even when budgets are limited. Braidwood offers hospitality solutions that work, save time, and that are customized to the needs of our clients. This service is offered as part of training an “on-site? Sales Manager and with our unique “off-site? hotel sales solutions.

Braidwood understands your markets; we know your customers and how to reach them using scheduled activities within the Sales Plan. We identify the proactive steps necessary to produce results. We monitor the plan, and adjust where needed maximizing the return on your investment. The resulting sales activity, coupled with rate positioning, the Hotel Marketing Plan and Advertising Strategy, is designed to the unique needs of each client resulting in increased top-line revenue and hotel profit.

We help our clients become “market ready? and able to respond in a timely way that guarantees success. We know that in today’s competitive marketplace “speed to market? is an essential ingredient for success.

The old adage “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there,? is never more applicable than when associated with the Sales Process. A reactive approach to selling is only acceptable in times of high demand and in markets where demand outstrips supply. As very few hotels and resorts operate in this environment a proactive approach to “selling? can mean the difference between success and failure.

Most hotel sales correspondence is repetitive in nature however, unless effective templates exist in all areas of the process from routine sales correspondence to sales contracts and rate agreements, much time is wasted in communicating with the client reducing productive selling time and increasing opportunity cost.

“Build it and they will come? is an effective strategy when designing Baseball Diamonds but not a recommended hotel opening strategy. Depending upon its location and market the Pre-Opening Hotel Sales Strategy should be in effect one-year to six months prior to opening. Leaving this until the hotel’s first day of operation or twelve months after it has opened is a guaranteed recipe for failure.