Relationships, Market Share, Occupancy & Revenue

Braidwood provides an innovative and highly effective plug & play sales and marketing solution tailored to your hotel’s specific needs. We understand your hotel is unique in its location, internal culture, management structure, amenities, position, policies, and competitive set. We work with you to understand and implement adaptive, sustainable strategies focused on retention and growth!

Customizable and Adaptable

Our solutions are customized for each property and our model allows us to quickly respond to changing market trends and competitive innovations.


Our knowledgeable sales team proactively seeks new business opportunities while building fences around your existing clients, creating strong relationships and a barrier to entry against your competitive set.

Integrated or Stand-alone

While many of our existing clients have in-house sales solutions, they still look to us to provide additional support and augment their efforts in critical market segments.

Transparent and Quantifiable

We provide our clients with a monthly activity report that is detailed, transparent, and measurable.

The Braidwood Advantage

Braidwood’s innovative and cost effective off-site sales solution provides a viable and immediate answer to increasing occupancy and revenue from all market segments while guaranteeing a positive ROI. Our innovative sales solution is both immediate and sustainable!

Many of our existing clients have their own in-house sales solution(s) however they look to Braidwood to provide additional support in this critical area. Braidwood currently has 5000+ decision makers in our database, and they look to Braidwood to find hotels & resorts that meet their needs.

The Braidwood solution reduces traditional in-house expenses:

  • Sales Manager’s salary(s)
  • Related health & other benefits
  • Vacation pay/sick pay
  • Office space
  • Telephone & postage expense
  • Computer, software purchase and upgrades
  • Office supplies
  • Turnover, recruitment and training expenses; we will never quit on you or work for your competitors!

Why Braidwood?

  • BHM sales managers are 100% focused on selling our clients’ hotels & resorts – all day & every day! In-house sales managers get distracted – ours don’t!
  • BHM sales managers are NOT sitting in internal meetings, conducting site inspections or entertaining.
  • 5,000+ meeting planners in our database (and growing daily) – opportunity for more meetings, conferences, board meetings, incentive programs & retreats.
  • Meeting planners know and trust Braidwood and look to us for new client locations and creative meeting solutions.
  • Company with a proven track record.
  • Personnel with 40+ years of proven experience in the hotel industry – remember – there is no cost to sales agreement given that the revenue we produce will be considerably higher than the cost of annual fees – cost only becomes a factor when revenue produced is lower than the annual fee – and this never happens!

The Client Advantage

  • Braidwood’s proven ability to reach the decision maker
  • Proven ability to book group and FIT business in the shoulder and winter months as well as summer.
  • Our client hotels and resorts offer consistent quality of product, service levels & commitment to excellence
  • Meeting planners also book corporate IT business, banquets, weddings and other special F&B opportunities – exposure to one gives our clients exposure to the other; creating a “why go anywhere else” selling environment.

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