The Braidwood Advantage

Operational Efficiencies

Established in 2003 with over 40 years of hands-on experience as international hospitality consultants, Braidwood Hospitality Management has built an enviable reputation for assisting small & medium sized hotels & resorts with growing their top line revenue & increasing market share.

Eliminate Traditional Costs

Eliminate the cost of salaries,  health & benefits, vacation/sick pay, supplies, and training expenses.

Highly Focused

We don’t get distracted by typical in-house needs like meetings, site inspections, or evaluations. We have one focus – you!

Continuous Support

We’re available 7 days a week! That means no downtime due to turn-over and none of those sick/missed days to deal with.

Immediate Turn-key Services

With access to over 5,000 (and growing) industry decision makers who know and trust us, we can get your product to market on day one!

Our innovative approach gives Braidwood the flexibility to implement tailored solutions to your unique needs.

Where should we start?

Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing

The Process

Our reputation is built on trust, service, and accountability and our proven four-step “getting to know you” process helps to get things started right.

Getting To Know You

An initial site tour allows for a complete understanding of your physical facilities and operational culture. To understand your current business and economic environment, we will complete an evaluation document with you, covering specifics such as facilities, services, sales & marketing strategies, and current competitive set.

The Assessment

From the data collected in Step 1, Braidwood produces a comprehensive action plan outlining the key action steps required to move forward to the Growth Phase (Step 3). This includes a detailed analysis of the current business situation as well as recommendations for improving performance and profitability.


Working with you, we begin the process of implementing the operational plan developed in Step 2. Typically, this is where our sales division will begin the process of contacting your external customers and key decision makers within the identified market segments.

Support & Maintenance

This is an ongoing and transparent process. Working closely with you, Braidwood ensures all aspects of the Braidwood Operational Plan are executed and milestones are achieved and communicated throughout the continued support process.

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